Gareth Bale Judged Too Passive

Gareth Bale Judged Too Passive

Gareth Bale Judged Too Passive

Madrid – Real Madrid’s failure to reach the final of the Champions League, leaving critics to Gareth Bale. Players from Wales was rated play too passive.

Before the second leg match of the Champions League semi-final against Juventus, Bale rated former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes, appear less aggressive. Less aggressive Bale makes Madrid the penetration power shortages. Here, according to Scholes, one of the factors why Madrid lost 1-2 to Juventus last week.

Bale less aggressive look than the number of touch the ball that he produces: just 32. Moreover, not once did he create chances in the game. No wonder if Scholes ask Bale appear more confident. Scholes rate, Bale should have more courage to do dribel and fired a shot I could also mention therein lies their best ability.

“Last week his confidence looks low. He kept just lifted the ball so easily anticipated the defenders,” said Scholes at the time.

In the second leg which takes place at the Santiago Bernabeu on Thursday (14/5) pm dawn, Bale did appear a little better. He bolder fired. Recorded she was able to let go of 7 attempts throughout the match, but the only one that leads right on target.

Madrid drew 1-1 with Juventus in the game. Impact, they were eliminated after a 2-3 aggregate defeat.

Then, what about Bale’s performance in the game? According to the former Liverpool defender, now a pundit for Sky Sports, Jamie Carragher, Bale’s performance is still not good enough.